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Terms of Use

Craftmark postings to Social Networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger and/or any others are not intended to create, nor shall it be interpreted to create, any type of binding obligation, contractual or otherwise, for Craftmark Homes, Inc., any of its affiliated companies or subsidiaries, or any of its agents or employees. Additionally, Craftmark LiveChat does not in any way modify or alter any pre-existing contractual agreements between Craftmark Homes, Inc. or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries and any Buyer(s) under pre-existing Sales Agreements. If you are an existing Buyer, please refer to Paragraph 30 of your Sales Agreement for more information.

Elevations shown are artistic concepts. Floor plans may vary by elevation. Room sizes are approximate. Due to our policy of constant improvement, Craftmark Homes reserves the right to change price, plans, specifications or availability of selections without notice or obligation. This website content is not to be used as a basis of contract. Please see your on-site sales representative for the most current pricing, plans and specifications in the community of your choice. The Sales Representative works for the Homebuilder, which means that he/she may assist the Buyer in purchasing the property, but his/her duty of loyalty is only to the Homebuilder.

Equal Housing Opportunity. MHBR #451.

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